Project Team


Dr. Arnisson André Ortega

AAO Palm SpringsAndré Ortega is an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines Population Institute. His research interests include urban geography, migration, and critical demography.  His current projects focus on spatialities of peri-urban transition, dispossession and gentrification, and social politics of transnational migration.

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Astrid Acielo

AstridJohanna Marie Astrid E. Acielo is currently pursuing a Masters in Population Studies at the UP Population Institute. Having spent some time working in the development sector after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication, she plans to finish graduate studies and to continue working along the lines of development, population and environment.

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Celes Hermida

CelesCeles Hermida is an MA Demography student at the University of the Philippines Population Institute. She also received her degree in BS Geography from the University. Having migrated from a rural town to Metro Manila, her research interests include urban and rural geography, migration, and relational spaces.

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Ma. Clarissa S. Velasco

ClarissaClarissa Velasco is a 22 year-old Campaign Officer in WWF Philippines. One of her most memorable experiences on the field was interacting with new people, knowing the history of places, bonding with her co-field interviewers, and learning true to life stories of poverty, hopes, dreams and successes of the people they interviewed. She believes that working in the field is really fun and a great experience because everyone has a different story. She plans to still continue field research and to travel and explore the Philippines.

Raul G. Andal Jr.

RaulRaul Andal is currently a coordinator in Exel Food Blends. The 23 year-old remembers the field because of numerous side-trips and of hunting for Japan Surplus shops scattered in the fringe of Manila. While he notes that going to the field during hot weather was somewhat of a challenge, he still plans to continue fieldwork and hopes to work with his co-teammates again someday.

Mielyn Mercan

MielynMielyn Mercan, who is currently a field personnel in another research project, says that she has many memorable experiences in the field during the project, including their first night in Taytay, Rizal when they had to climb into the house through a window located at the second-floor because of a lost key. She also can’t forget the time they went to a barangay in Dasmarinas and a barangay in Bacoor, because the environment and culture was very challenging. Her future plans? Still eyeing fieldwork while setting up a business on the side.

Marianne Jane E. Naungayan

MarianneMarianne Naungayan is now a Junior Project Officer in Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ANGGOC). The 22 year-old said that everything about the field has been a memorable experience for her: from the very first night of “beautiful disaster” until the official last day of work, she experienced and learned many lessons and skills that she will never forget. She said that meeting new people and exploring new cultures are interesting despite challenges on the field such as hot weather and closed-minded respondents. She plans to take up a Masters in Environmental Science next year and to continue research and development work, and hopefully become part of an inter-governmental organization like UN and USAID.

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